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Youth Workshops

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Anger Management
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Chisel the Marble
  • Learn the physiological and cognitive aspects of anger.

  •  Assertiveness Strategies

  • Establish a Forgiveness Plan


    Certified as an Alternative  Sentencing Program


  • Know, Love, Give Yourself
  • Establish Values and Beliefs
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Community Service
Key note speakers and break-out  sessions to propel individuals to constantly chisel the barriers of incompetence through career exploration and education.

Family Seminars

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Establishing a Comfort
Zone Home
Strategies to facilitate compliance and be  empathetic toward decision making.
Bridging the Communication GAP
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Techniques to restore communication
and sustain positive relationships.
Maintaining Value in Every Family Member
  • Learn behaviors that promote value in family members
  • Develop the talents within each family member
  • Celebrate each member's accomplishments


 2021Discovery Planner

The design of the 2021 Discovery Planner strives to build personal development, basic language usage, and writing skills. The first 15 weekly words emphasize the discovery of positive character and that a reputation can influence an audience.  Weeks 16 through 29 reflect words that construct a sentence which is included in grammar. Finally, weeks 30 through 52 concentrate on writing skills where oral and written communication intermingle. The 4 parts can be implemented throughout everyday life. A word search and fill in puzzle is after every group of thirteen words as a critical thinking activity. These 52 weekly words can be refreshers for the highly educated audience or new vocabulary for the school age population.

Inmosphere workshop workbook

  • Know, Love, Give Yourself
  • Establish Values and Beliefs
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  • Decision Making Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Community Service
  A Youth workshop to enhance self esteem and leadership skills​

Editorial Services




* Picture Research / Permissions / Proofreading                                                    
Locating source information and obtaining permission releases for copyrighted material; evaluate grammar, punctuation, spelling, omitted words, repeated words, spacing, format, and typographical errors in preparation for publication.    


* Fact Checking / Citation Checking / Reference Checking                                  

Checking accuracy of facts and quotes by reference to original sources used by Author or to other reference sources.  


* Indexing                                                                                                        

Producing a key to the contents of a work. Includes reading and analyzing the work; choosing subjects, concepts, and other elements that together form a systematic guide to the information contained in the work; arranging these elements into entries consisting of headings and subheadings and their locators (for example, page numbers); and arranging the entries alphabetically or in some other searchable order.


* Copy Editing                                                                                                 

Editing for consistency of mechanics and consistency of facts; ensures that the idea the writer wishes to portray is clean clear, consistent and easy to understand; inserting head levels and approximate placement of art; editing tables, figures, and lists; notifying Designer of any unusual production requirements.


* Stylistic Editing                                                                                            

Clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language, and other non-mechanical line-by-line editing; ensuring consistencies for titles in bibliographies, use of quotations, numbers, compound words, acronyms, extracts, italics, note references and illustrations in concordance with genre style manuals.

* Style Manual (Guide) - A list of rules about how to research and write for academia or publication. There are many different style manuals, and each has different rules for the style of writing, citation, and overall format used in a paper.

 (Predominantly Used Styles: Chicago Manual of Style/ American Psychological Association / Modern Language Association / Associated Press Stylebook)

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